About Us

Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services was established back in the 1930s by Ivan’s grandfather. The family-run funeral home was passed down from one generation to another for over 80 years, along with the trade, know-how and compassion. 

At Ivan Mifsud Funeral Services we believe in presenting the bereaved with a dignified ode to their loved one thanks to our myriad of solutions. Our main aim is that of offering funerals with dignity and respect. 

We are prepared to handle all of the necessary arrangements for the deceased to get the goodbye they truly deserve. We offer full services that include memorials, burials, tombstones, obituaries and all of the arrangements needed to relieve loved ones from added burdens. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality imported coffins made from solid wood that fit every budget.

Our premises are situated close to Mater Dei Hospital, in Birkirkara. Families can visit our premises in order to discuss any funeral plans or arrangements for their deceased loved one. Moreover, we also offer repatriations, burial at sea and cremation services to our clients.